great deal! 15% off coco-luxe chocolates


Not that we need to give you a reason to buy luscious gourmet chocolates, but Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and the kind folks over at are offering Shelterrific readers a 15% discount off their adorable truffles until the end of May. Each one is flavored to remind us of a childhood favorite dessert and features a cute little drawing like gingerbread men or mint leaves or banana splits to match. Comfort food in a chocolate — heaven! To get the discount, enter SHELTER during checkout for the discount. Click here to go to the Coco-Luxe site.

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mail order delight: stumptown coffee

Leah lauded Stumptown Coffee Roasters in posts about her recent trip to Portland, and I can vouch for the altogether tastiness of this coffee. The one Stumptown location in Seattle is about 20 minutes from our house by car, and though there are probably 100 places that are closer (this is Seattle, after all) we make special trips to pick up Rwanda Musasa coffee to make at home. You can order Stumptown online to enjoy at home, no matter where you live. It’s smooth, it’s free trade, and we love it — so much so, we sent bags of it to friends at Christmas. Cheap? No. Good? Oh, yeah. –Mary T.

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steal this idea: extra-long conduit curtain rod

We love our big living room windows, but we wanted to be able to block the sometimes-blinding setting sun. However, we also wanted to hang the curtains wide enough to maximize our view. Just one problem: our windows are 118″wide, and the longest readily available curtain rods we could find only went to 120″. Lucky for me, I have an observant (and handy) husband. He’d seen metal conduit used as curtain rods, so we decided to investigate that section of the hardware store. Turned out that 10’lengths of 3/4″metal conduit could be had for just $3.99 each. With the help of a hacksaw, a few conduit hangers, and less than an hour of work, we now have a 152.5″curtain rod. It’s a bit industrial, but that’s perfect for us. –Mary T. Read on for photos and instructions! (more…)

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great for giving: venice clay


Gary Steinborn’s Venice Clay is perhaps best known for the Buddha Cat, but it was his small and simple Venice Clay dog sculpture that first caught my eye. Equal parts cool, modern, and adorable, Venice Clay’s dogs and cats have a matte glaze in a variety of rich colors. Combined with their small size, it makes the sculptures both pleasing to look at and inviting to touch — I find myself staring at a friend’s dog sculpture every time I’m in her kitchen. With prices from $18-$45, I’m putting these on my gift list for the dog and cat lovers in my life (myself included). –Mary T.

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