new obsession: the tableset podcast

Podcasts improve my day just as much as any of the other fantastic kitchen gadgets or delicious cookie recipes we feature here on Shelterrific. The work day becomes much more bearable when I slip on a pair of headphones and listen to something interesting, informative, or just plain funny. Right now, I’m obsessed with The Table Set. Available on HomeFries and iTunes, the free podcast is helmed by Andy, Nathan, and Greg, three “gentlemen who know how to throw a party.” Each week, the three friends discuss the best ways to entertain. From highbrow to lowbrow, Mardi Gras to high tea, The Table Set is bursting with fabulous ideas and inspiration. Listening to their informal debates about theme cocktails, the importance of pool party guest lists, and what to serve at an “Arrested Development” viewing party (spoiler alert: frozen bananas) makes me feel like I’m hanging out with my most creative, well-traveled friends who are all too fun to be jealous of.

I’m always looking for new podcasts so, sound off, Shelterrific readers: what podcasts are you listening to?

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want it now: anthropologie’s “cottage” blouse

It’s not very often that we write about fashion here on Shelterrific, but this insanely adorable top from Anthropologie lets us wear our domestic hearts on our sleeves – and tummies and backs! A silk-screened image by photographer Sarah Ball (we couldn’t find any additional info on her so let us know if you have some to share!), it features a delightful pink cottage on its front and back. Match it with a pair of jeans and kelly green cardigan and you’ve got an outfit worthy of any weekend getaway. Now, all we need is a little cottage to visit! A little pricey at $188, we’ll keep on eye on the sales racks for this one. Swoon, swoon.

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meet catherine nolin: our etsy artist of the month

As part of our newly freshened up Shelterrific design, we are going to be featuring an artist a month on the site and in our header. This month’s artist is Massachusetts-based Catherine Nolin, whose work we fell in love with via her Etsy shop. With ornately decorated rooms, wallpapers, patterns, and fancily-dressed ladies, they conjure up fantasies of tea parties in grand estates. Our favorite, however is Tree of Life, which you see on our header, with its exotic birds and flowers.

We asked Catherine to tell us a little about her work, and her where her sense of decorating flair comes from.

Your work features a lot of elaborately decorated rooms. What inspires them?
When my parents did a big living room makeover it made a big impression on me as a 8 year old. I remember being involved in the process looking at swatches of fabric, carpets, and paint colors. When it all came together it was quite a thing. When I create an interior I am pulling together all those elements and I just love it.

What’s your favorite room in your house?
My favorite room in my house is the living room. We painted the walls a dark olive which was risky but turned out to be the perfect backdrop/ canvas for all the eclectic furnishing we have collected over the years.

How would you describe your painting style?
I don’t quite have a name for my style although some have said contemporary realism.  I am very inspired by Matisse, Vermeer and Hopper to name a few. I learn something everyday when I paint.

For more information about Catherine Nolin and her work, visit her website and Etsy store.

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sneak peek at shelterrific’s new look

UPDATE: FRIDAY NIGHT, 9 PM — We’re up! Thanks again for all your patient this week. You might notice some bugs along the way and we will be continuing to improve things. Again, we love you’re feedback and will definitely take it into consideration. Change is good! Honestly!

Hi Everyone! We just wanted to give you a quick heads-up that soon (hopefully this week!) we’ll be unveiling an updated Shelterrific design. The biggest change will be on the mainpage, which instead of having one long scroll, will be featuring a “what’s new” carousel on top with (you guessed it) the newest posts. On the rest of the page you will be able to browse recent posts based on subject. There will be also be a new navigation bar that will allow you to easily dive into the category you are looking for, like decorating or cooking.

Like all new things, it may take some time to get used to — but hopefully the new color scheme, bigger photos and navigation will become a part of your routine that you will grow to love. Also, we’ll be featuring a different Etsy artist each month on the hedder.

As always, we’ll be counting on you to tell us what you think and give us feedback. Thanks in advance for your patience if things get a little bumpy with publishing this week. We are super excited for our new look and hope you will be too! —

The Shelterrific Crew

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site we’re psyched about: the new


Chicago-based Sprout Home has been one of our favorite garden sites and stores for ages. They make gardening seem accessible and possible in even small urban spaces. They recently relaunched their site and we have to say the new and improved has us counting the days until winter’s thaw hits. Now blogging from their outposts in both Brooklyn and Chicago, they offer fun, informative posts on everything from Venus Fly Traps to tips on how to choose the perfect house plant . If you’re looking for inspiration, click around their garden area for some of the gorgeous projects they have designed. And, if you’re thinking of planting something, check out their collection of mod containers, which will make even the brownest thumb seem mildly chic.

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