oh happy day: the marimekko shop at crate and barrel is open!


Crate and Barrel and Marimekko go hand in hand — in fact, their history together dates back to the early 1960’s. Even though C&B has been a reliable source for Marimekko textiles and bedding, it’s mostly been integrated into the regular stock. That all changed when Crate and Barrel opened the first Marimekko shop in their Soho location (as covered by Sarah C. back in October), featuring even more Finnish retinal delights than ever before. Now coasters west, east and in between can peruse this augmented collection, as the online Marimekko shop opens today! So shop now — or if you’re close enough to drop in to one of the brick and mortar locations opening soon, even better. Locations and opening dates are as follows: New York (Madison Avenue, April 28), Chicago (North and Clyborn, May 5), Los Angeles (The Grove, May 19) and San Francisco (Union Square, May 26). — Megan B.

And for more of what to expect when you go, check out more of Sarah’s photos of the Soho store at our Facebook page!

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site we’re psyched about: shelfari


As a rule, I say yes to book club. A guaranteed time for wine, food and friends, I look forward to our meetings and the set date helps me to incorporate a few good reads into my otherwise insane schedule. Recently, a friend turned me on to Shelfari, a social cataloging website for bookworms. Part of the Amazon family of web brands, the site allows users to create a profile (using their Amazon credentials) and create and share shelves of books they’ve either read, own or have on their wish list. Users also have the option of reviewing, rating, recommending or tagging books for quick and easy organization and discussion. Though I consider myself a beginner book clubber (and don’t have room for real bookshelves), this seems like it has potential to be a great organizational tool. What do you think, readers? Would you ever use a site like Shelfari to organize your reads? Are you in a book club? What are you reading? — Sarah C.

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five things we learned last week

fivethings april2 kletia

1) Everyone loves a good spork joke. Sapling Press stole our hearts this week with these snarky prints. Tula says: “Major, major cuteness. Love.”

2) Baking a winning scone is easier than you think. Becki shared her go-to recipe and reader Beth Ellen shared hers in comments!

3) We have royal décor fever. This wallpaper takes the cake. Cat Sitter in the City says: “I love the wallpaper in the second photo. If I had a room in my house just for my cat, who is a little princess, I’d definitely use that wallpaper.”

4) Along with the producers of Mad Men, we share a sentimental connection to this cookie jar. Seems like we all have fond memories of it! Aly in Boston says: “I grew up with this same cookie jar but in mustard yellow. Through my teen years I told my folks that when I moved out, the cookie jar would be coming with me. One sad day, a shelf that it was on collapsed and it shattered. I was so disappointed. Some years later after I had moved, I walked into a vintage shop hoping to find it but knowing it was unlikely… I stepped inside the door, turned my head and just like in the movies, my eyes landed directly on it! I did a double take and my focused zoomed in like a close up shot. It was so dramatic and hilarious. Not only was it the same kind of cookie jar, it was the mustard yellow!! It now happily sits in a very secure space in my kitchen. I can’t believe it’s going for $150!!!”

5) Calypso St. Barth for Target launches May 1. We’re counting the minutes. Jennifer says: “That’s the third time I’ve seen the elephant teapot featured in a magazine or a blog in the last week. I must have it!”

photo by Kletia Garies

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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


In honor of Earth Day (wow– that one snuck up on us), CasaSugar has an inspirational house tour and interview with Eco-designer Lori Dennis. We love how her home is uncluttered, bright and modern; filled with upcycled and attainable (read: affordable) pieces.

Another fantastic California house tour: this one from ElleDecor — the mid-century home of Trina Turk and Jonathan Skow. Via Simpatico.

Last minute Easter craft: Silhouette Easter eggs, at Craft. Awesome!

Curbly’s got the DIY dirt (as usual) on how to install your own plywood floors. They make it sound so easy.

Apartment Therapy’s new Gardenist column has a great post about planting perennials in containers for year-round enjoyment. And we are totally stealing the painted rubber tire planters.

Ham! Ham! Ham! We love Ham. Here’s a fun way to change it up for the holiday: Pineapple spiced ham, at Coconut and Lime.

If you’ve got the food covered, but are at a loss as to what to serve with your 2pm dinner, Check out this great list of surprising wine pairings for Easter at the Daily Meal.

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ebay find: mad men cookie jar

mad men

Just spotted on top of Salvatore’s fridge — the cookie cookie jar. Yes, I’m that far behind on watching “Mad Men.” But it’s good to see the same cookie jar that I grew up with back on t.v. again. (The first time I saw it on t.v. was circa 1989 on “The Wonder Years.”) Made by Los Angeles Potteries and sporting a walnut-shaped porcelain handle, the cookies cookie jar dates to 1955. On eBay for $149.99 or make an offer. Smug advertising guy not included. — Sarah L.

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