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Hello Also I Love You

Again, no secret: I’m a huge proponent of finding the perfect card for special occasions, but I’m an equal-opportunity lover in that prints and posters can be a beautiful way to share a sentiment year round. Integrate your love into your decor and share your feelings every day, not just the overly-commercialized ones.

There are many out there, but here’s a smattering of some new options and old favorites that we, appropriately, love:

My Basic Needs

And, a couple affectionate card sets:

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valentine’s day find: skip the teddy bear, try the wee ninja

wee ninja

I hate getting stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day. While the thought is well-intentioned enough, I can’t stand the fuzzy, pink teddy bears holding lace-edged hearts that Walgreens stock by the dozen. They all seem like the plushie equivalent of Splenda. I was all set to think that I had outgrown stuffed animals completely when I came across the Pocket Ninja ($10). I’m not embarrassed to admit that I squealed when I saw this miniature dangerous assassin. Equal parts deadly and adorable, the Pocket Ninja is the perfect Valentine’s gift for your sweetie who finds the usual stuffed animals lame but still visits Cute Overload daily. While there is a slightly larger version (the Wee Ninja, $20), I love the fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand, portable version because, really, you never know when you’ll need a ninja. –Katie D.

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etsy holiday: valentine’s day cards

steed v-day card

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day peaked when we were in elementary school. Now that we’re grown-ups, it’s a holiday full of prix fixe menus in overstuffed restaurants and boring teddy bears holding hearts. When you were little though, Valentines Day was the first fun holiday of the year. You got to hang construction paper mail boxes off the edge of your desk and read all the awesome pop culture-themed valentines your fellow students left for you (for the record, I gave out Batman cards ). In honor of the tradition that I’ve long since outgrown, I browsed through etsy and found some fabulous antidotes to the flowers-and-sonnets Hallmark standards. Get your construction paper mailbox ready. . . –Katie D.
Narwhale Heart Valentine’s Day Card by TwoHungryBlackbirds, $2.50
You Complete Me by papermichelle, $4
The Fire in My Pants by sweetperversion, $4
Steed Love by Earmark, $4
Mr. T Valentine by LucysArtEmporium, $3.75

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etsy find: ursa minor/little dipper embroidery kit with light-up led stars


I’ve seen this in person, and it rocks! This embroidery kit by Polymath is a fantastic upgrade from glowing stick-on stars. I think it would make a great nightlight and, I don’t know, I just plain love it. The kit comes complete with everything from thread to hoop to a cell phone battery for the led lights, and Polymath says it’s simple enough for an embroidery beginner. What’s even cooler? With the battery removed, you can wash the whole shebang — so you could embroider this nifty nightlight on a favorite article of clothing! $40 from Polymath’s Etsy shop. — Mary T.

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five things we learned last week


1) Your morning stovetop espresso is an important (and no fuss!) ritual. Rebecca F. gave a helpful how-to on the subject and we have fans and converts. ModFruGal says: “We use this exact Bialetti maker every day…great coffee and no countertop clutter. You can even take it camping.”

2) Rooster sauce fans and friends are thrilled about the Sriracha Cookbook. Mary-Grace says: “Ha, that’s an awesome idea for a cookbook! My husband looooooooves that stuff!”

3) A do-it-yourself slipcover fort makes cleanup a snap. Jean of the Artful Parent shared hers and we love the idea. DJ says: “Oh, what a sweet and clever thing for that person to have sewn. A perfect easy on-easy off slipcover. What fun her kid(s) must have. We used to get yelled at by my mom for raiding the beds for linens and pillows and making a mess in the living room making our forts.”

4) Dry carpet cleaning powder is a product that trumps our assumptions and actually works! Thank goodness for companies that care for their customers, before, during and even after making the sale! The folks at Angela Adams shared this tidbit about Oreck’s version and we’re excited to try it. Crash Pad Girl says: “I love this tip, and love that it came from Angela Adams.”

5) We love a cake cutter that cuts the thing into clean slices. Magisso’s cake cutter makes us all experts. Daffodil says: “This is genius! I might ask for this for my birthday. I could finally stop saying “Well, at least it tastes good!” when I serve dessert!”

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