start ’em young: adorable mini ikea doll furniture

As if the bouncy ball room and pervasive smell of cinnamon buns weren’t enough to please its young customers, Ikea has introduced yet another way to seduce the junior set. We spotted this Ikea doll furniture and house in the store the other day and instantly fell in love. The doll furniture set comes with a bright pink Klippan sofa, a green Lack table, a yellow lounger and a black and white rug. Who needs wooden doll house furniture? This stuff explodes with color. Since we firmly believe in instilling the art room arrangement into our young ones, we think this set would be a fine present for a little tyke. Better yet, pick this up and mix and match with others. Wonder if they’d fit in a Lundy house? See Ikea’s site to view the doll house furniture set, $13, and the playhouse, $8. They’re all Swedish, after all! Meatballs not included.

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bookmarks we love (the old fashioned kind)

One of the best gifts you can give someone is a book. Whether it’s a brand new buzzed about tome or a first edition classic, books are the best way to tell someone “I get you and think you’re amazing.” We’ve just found a new must-have addition for any book gift — Sesame Letterpress’s brand new bookmarks. Each one is based on vintage designs of an odd assortment of objects you may find on a nightstand such as beer bottle, star gazing telescope, a bottle of perfume. We’re planning to buy a bunch to use as wrapper toppings and gift tags. Each is printed by hand, one by one, on an antique letterpress machine. $5 each at

P.S. We’re big fans of Sesame Letterpress. See more about their designs here.

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nynow gift fair: what made our holiday wish lists

Katie and I hit NYNOW gift fair last week and saw a lot of amazing new things. Much of what we loved isn’t even stores yet, but that hasn’t stopped us from working on our very own holiday wish lists. Here are few things that we wouldn’t mind someone giving us this year.

My desire for cool cacti planters has not abated. I love these ceramic holders made in the shape of fruit and vegetable molds. They’re from Chen Williams.

In an age where everyone seems to have their phone in front of their face, the sniffing notebook is a clever reminder of the fun of the written word. Katie is modeling the cat one, from MollaSpace.

It’s official. Squirrels are out, foxes are in. This little guy and his friends from Jonathan Adler are new, but deliciously retro feeling.

Have a little dough left over that won’t fit in your muffin tray? These adorable muffin tops baking cups from Fred & Friends will serve it up for you, with a smile.

The next time my book club is gathered in my living room, a rotating wine barrel cheese plate from Provence Platters would be lovely.

Stay tuned for more reporting from NYNOW in coming weeks!

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new online shop we love: provisions by food52

We’ve been addicted to the Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubb’s Food52 for a while now. It’s become our go-to food site whenever we want to find inspiration to make something that’s in season and instantly sharable. Now that team is turning their seasoned eyes and love of clean design to an online store called Provisions. In there you’ll find their favorite, tested and approved kitchen staples — and plenty of ideas. Rather than just selling products, they bundle things together in collections that will help you conquer any cooking skill you’ve been meaning to tackle. Since now is the time to start thinking about what to do with all that ripe, late summer fruit, we were drawn to the small batch jamming collection. From blue bell jars to the perfect stewing pot to homemade labels, Provisions will have you setting up your own farmer’s stand right on your porch, in no time.

Photos by James Ransom for Food52

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chic wearable comfort: pinecone hill scarves

We write about decor and dressing up our dwellings here at Shelterrific, but we that doesn’t mean our sartorial tastes are limited to home goods. The best of both fancies comes together at Pine Cone Hill, one of our go-to sources for gorgeous bed and table linens, with their new line of bright color pop scarves. They’re light and gauzy and come in polka dots, stripes, and floral patterns. A wool and silk blend, they’ll take the chill out of breezy days and will liven up any outfit. Best of all, because they’re from an expected source, you won’t be caught with same look as every other catalog-shopper. $55/each at

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