etsy find: mengsel design



One of the things I like to treat myself to once a year is a new set of linens: bed sheets, kitchen towels, etc… They seem to need replacing about that often, and the new year is the best time for me to do the deed. That being said, I’ll be making the switch to some of these fab silkscreened linens from Etsy seller mengsel design, also known as South African-born Luzelle van der Westhuizen. Bialetti enthusiasts should delight at this set of two moka express tea towels, $24. These i heart robot pillowcases would be the perfect corny-romantic punch for our bedroom, $44 for the pair. Look for more fun prints, totes, towels and pillowcases in her shop, all printed with natural inks. Even better, in celebration of a great year, she’s offering 20% off all orders between now and January 10 — just enter the code mengsel20 at checkout. –Megan B.

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site we’re psyched about: fivegomad


FiveGoMad is a shop with the tagline “Quintessentially British” and all I can say is – love! Shelterrific friend Marissa alerted me to it with a Facebook post on these Anne Boleyn underpants (Anne. Boleyn. Underpants.) and then a photo of this gold glitter hand-printed skull-and-crossbones wallpaper, and I was hooked. There are humorous housewares like the Ice Cream Woman Fridge Magnet, lots of fabulous wallpapers, and a selection of food and drinks including, of course, tea. Go mad! – Mary T.

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move over, food carts: portland’s portable stores


I had the good fortune to pop into Portland again last weekend for Crafty Wonderland, and couldn’t help but notice a new trend (in part because the trend was parked in the middle of the sale). It seems that stores on wheels are the next little thing. I adored meeting Vanessa and Dan Lurie and getting a peek inside their traveling store Wanderlust, a whimsical trailer filled with vintage frocks and fun goods like reclaimed tableware and crafty decorations. (Incidentally, if you like your music unusual, check out Dan’s band Koot Hoomi and their release “The Dark Side of Hall and Oates.” It was a surprisingly great listen during the three hours back to Seattle.) Taking a break from Crafty Wonderland for some much-needed breakfast at Tasty n Sons (highly recommended!) we noticed yet another mobile shop across the street: Lodekka, a double-decker dress shop. Lodekka was closed when we were in the neighborhood (it wasn’t yet 10 a.m.) but you can read more here. Personally, I am loving the idea of shops taking their wares on the road. – Mary T.

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five things we learned last week


1) Maple snow candy translates from Little House in the Big Woods to our homes. Sarah L. shares the recipe that from the book she loved as a child and fellow Little House fans are thankful! Kris says: “Awww! This makes my heart smile. I was obsessed with Little House and tried to make this once myself, but it didn’t quite work out the way I imagined it from the book. Maybe because the snow in Georgia isn’t quite, well, snow…more like slush. Thanks for this post!”

2) Gingermen are stylish and sweet when outfitted in chocolate pants. Mary’s friend Marja gifted them to her saying the smaller size also makes the little guys chewier. An added bonus? They’re not naked. Jonathon Colman says: “Giving the gingerbread men chocolate pants to wear also helps reduce your neighbors’ calls to the police due to indecent exposure.”

3) Pets should never be overlooked at the holidays. Nor should their style sense be discounted. Katie D. has you covered with her gift guide for animal lovers, which includes these chic bow tie collars. Tula says: “Ferret fashion. Oh, yes.”

4) Crocheted snowflakes: nice craft, fun tradition! Sarah L. has so many that she’s saving some for when her little ones have their own trees. Our readers enjoy them too. Nutmegg says: “I love crochet snowflakes!! I love to crochet them, too. I know some people think they’re kind of hokey, so I crochet them in different colors to give them a fresher look. Pink snowflakes, anyone?”

5) A baby deer makes for a great holiday card, and represents a good cause! Twitter, the adorable deer on a greeting Mary T. received is a fabulous reminder of the good works of places like Shore Wildlife Rehab. Shoppingsmycardio says: “So very hard to go wrong with baby animals. love the cause in this case, though…what a great find!”

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baby deer and holiday cheer


Last week, we received the above photo in a Christmas card from our friend JoAnn Locktov of Bella Figura Communications. We had to learn more, and JoAnn was happy to oblige. The fawn is named Twitter and he’s reclining on a floor by New Ravenna, but that’s not the whole story. Twitter is one of 15 deer rescued as babies and rehabilitated at Shore Wildlife Rehab in Keller, Virginia. It’s obvious that the licensed rehabilitators at Shore are in it for the love of animals, from deer to owls to even bald eagles, so if you’d like to help them out, click here. And be sure to read more about the fawn photo shoot (plus see lots more completely adorable photos) at Sarah Baldwin Design, where you can also learn more about the animal rescuers.

Shelterrific will be back after Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone. Peace out!


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