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Send the kiddos back to school with some awesome love (and jam) filled treats: homemade pop tarts on on a stick, via Craft.

The Brick House has started a new obsession for us: vintage Dutch Tomado shelving. Beautiful!

It looks like this fuzzy Dedo message board is ripe for some heavy petting, in a totally appropriate way. Spotted at Swiss Miss.

More modern house number delights from Apartment Therapy — this time in bent metal and bright powder coat finishes!

Snacking in the Kitchen, one of our new favorite food blogs, shares her secrets for a sweet-and-savory sage scented challah french toast. Sounds perfect for a labor day breakfast, yes?

Check this DIY bedframe design made easy, via Make magazine. And not a shipping pallet in sight.

If you pine for the tangy taste of old-school, bright orange, bottled french salad dressing (like some of us do), then find out how to make your own version with fresh ingredients at the NY Times.

See CasaSugar’s great post gleaning the stealable design ideas from the September Anthropologie catalog. Things are looking brassy for fall!

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sales that make us happy


Celebrate Labor Day by shopping the End of Summer Sale at Click! Design That Fits. Through September 5, enjoy 20-50% off all ceramics, 10-40% off home accessories and 25-40% off personal accessories.

The Container Store’s annual shelving sale is here. Now through October 17, take 25% off their entire collection of shelves and receive 25% off your Elfa installation service. Shop this weekend to catch the end of the Organized Home Sale, which ends September 6.

Stock up on summer favorites for next year (sigh) at the Fishs Eddy End of Summer Sale, featuring 50% off select items through September 12.

Visit The Company Store through September 13 to take advantage of their Fall Preview Sale and semi-annual Pillow Sale. Luxury bed and bath items are also on sale through October 13.

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tested and approved: delta raincan shower head

Delta showerhead

When Delta offered to send me a new shower head to review for Shelterrific, I took one look at my icky, slightly rusted current shower fixture and headed to their website to pick out a new one. Truth be told, I was already enamored with the company thanks to the easy-to-navigate website and easily found a pretty product that would fit in with the rest of my bathroom. I choose the raincan shower head because it boasted H2Okinetic technology- a feature Delta has been kicking around that involves using larger water droplets that hold their heat longer to make your shower warmer and “more massaging” while also using less water (36% less according to their site).

Were the water droplets warmer and more luxurious than those from my old shower head? Maybe. For me it seemed like it was too delicate a thing to judge, so I’ll have to get the Princess and the Pea over to stay for a weekend and see if she notices a difference. More important than the technology for me ended up being the sheer size of the fixture! Comparable in circumference to a hearty personal pizza, the shower head released a torrent of water that felt like those of the fancy hotel spa showers I’ve been lucky enough to stand under. Pair that with the gorgeous modern curves of the fixture and I’m in bathroom heaven! It surprised me just how much my mundane morning shower was spruced up by the lavish new addition. –-Katie D.

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five things we learned last week

5things light

1) The mac-n-cheese debate rages on. Many of you love Alton Brown’s recipe, but when it comes to this dish, you’re not shy to voice your favorites. Shoppingsmycardio says, “ooh, yummy, gooey, carb-y goodness! this recipe is delish (i’ve made it), but i’ll see your alton brown, and raise you the single best mac i’ve ever tasted: Martha Stewart’s.” Commenter Ellobie reps P. Diddy’s Mack’n Cheez, which Laura has reproduced in comments in this post.

2) Stargazer lilies are a fragrant option, but keep them away from cats! Like our peppermint oil quick fix, these lilies freshen up a room, but are not feline-friendly. Heidi says, “I love lilies and this is a great idea! However, pet owners (especially cat owners) beware. Lilies are highly toxic to animals, so make sure they’re out of reach of your pets.” Click here for more information.

3) Painting upholstery brings back bad makeover show memories. Mary’s adventures in cushion restoration may have been a bust, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that cheap makeovers aren’t always worth it. Suswhit says, “There used to be a decorating show on tv, Trading Spaces or something, and the “designers” used to spray paint upholstery on a regular basis. The premise was that you redecorated your neighbor’s house and they redecorated yours. I can not imagine the horror of coming home and finding that they had spray painted your couch.” Eek! Back to Ikea it is!

4) Flowers and food rank highly as your favorite “just because” gifts. Jennifer says, “My family always makes sure mom has fresh flowers in the house, and every time we come home with some she seems as excited and touched as if we haven’t been doing it for years.” What is your favorite thing to give or get “just because?”

5) We’re enamored with Iris Conrad’s refurbished Ikea credenza. Meags says, “It looks excellent! I’ve always wanted to paint Ikea furniture but have been scared because I have read that the coating is difficult to both remove and paint over. Do you have any tips on how to paint successfully?” In fact, she does! See the makeover here and find her how-to tips at her flickr page.

image by flickr member Théo La Photo

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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


BLDGBLOG shows off the Palletenpavillion, a house made entirely of shipping pallets, ground anchors, and tie rods. It’s designed to be assembled and disassembled with ease, a great choice for fugitives and urban nomads alike.

If you, like us, are absolutely FREAKED about the egg recall, then raise your own chickens! Urban agriculture is becoming easier and easier, and cities like Seattle have recently changed the laws for city farms, allowing up to 8 chickens on a single family lot, more than enough to supply your egg needs, as well as those of your neighbors!

The most clever bathtub ever– the Stowaway Tub, at AT Chicago.

A Readymade blogger had 40 people in a 550-square-foot apartment, and lived to tell the tale.

This galley kitchen renovation at CasaSugar has us starry eyed over all that open counter space. Drool….

More bedbug horrors: America’s 10 most bedbug-infested cities. Ohio leads with 3 out of ten. And the vintage furniture hiatus begins… now!

David Lebovitz talks about how hard it is to find a local fresh tomato in Paris. Quel dommage!

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