and more moustaches


Moustaches as a design trend — tired of them? Still like them? They show no signs of going away. If you’d like some help embroidering your own, Sublime Stitching diva Jenny Hart has provided a free downloadable pattern so you can add a moustache to your own crafty designs. Another one that was new to me was Chocolate Moustache on a Stick, $15, by Neopolitan Printing & Co., yet another find at Crafty Wonderland. So if you’re ambivalent about the trend, you can enjoy it for a few minutes, and then it’s all gone. What will the next big trend in crafty facial hair be?

Beards, of course. (You can buy the extra-fancy glitter beard shown from I Made You a Beard, $40.) — Mary T.

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etsy find: black and white nature prints

A few months ago, I started looking for black and white photography to break up the chaotic color jumble that is our bookshelves. It was by happy accident that I discovered both the The Dark Hedges by Zoetrope Design and Sheep with Backup Singers by Rocky Top Studio — I love the way the two look together. Now all I need to do is let go of a few books. (You can find more images of Ireland at Zoetrope Designs and more wildlife prints at Rocky Top Studios.) — Sarah L.

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five things we learned last week


1) Erica’s decorating instincts are on target. You like the shooting range “art,” not to mention the shooting range. Kristin says: “I’d just tack it up as is. It’s so cool, it doesn’t need messing with.” And Robyn says: “I agree with Kristin! I just started shooting, and of course I saved my first (available) target & just tacked it up on a Hoosier cabinet in the kitchen. Turns out I’m an OK shot with a .22, but a shotgun, well, that one scared me!”

2) You wash reusable bags, but not out of paranoia.
Ogden says: “I don’t wash mine regularly, perhaps once every few months or so. But rarely am I putting exposed foods in them, most foods are already packaged in something else. And produce is washed before I eat it. But since this association has a vested interest in increasing the number of plastic bags used, I’m not putting too much stock in their ’study.'” See what he’s referring to here.

3) You love garden appetizers any time of year. Hannah says: “Wedding smedding, we are having a Fondu party in a few weeks, what a great way to present all the Cheese fondue dippers….love this!!” A note that the fab appetizers in the garden were designed by Dahan Caterers in Washington, DC.

4) Soup is good food. Rebecca says: “I’m ALL about the soups lately… it’s been so cold this year! I tried to recreate a lentil soup that I had at a restaurant on New Year’s Eve, but it wasn’t as good… still delish though. My fav cookbooks are; Culinary Journey to the Mediterranean (Churny Company, Inc.), Maui Tacos Cookbook, Food Network Kitchens Making It Easy, and The Deen Brothers Cookbook Recipes from the Road. Cheers!” Click for Jamie Oliver’s Simple Vegtable Soup.

5) If we can’t have the It’s Complicated kitchen, at least we can have the food. Several of you enjoyed It’s Complicated as a movie, but most agreed with Angela’s assessment of the decor-related plot points. Jamieofalltrades says: “Yeah, get rid of that kitchen you don’t want… I’ll take it! I also left the movie dying for a croissant or croque monsieur. I ended up making them the next night for dinner.”

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blogwatch: where we were clicking this week


We saw this one at Apartment Therapy first. Pancakes and French Fries achieves the seemingly impossible: removing the permanent marker you see above from her living room furniture. Worth the click!

Lots of food for thought, ahem, at the New York Times this week: an article on Seattle’s overflowing font of terikyaki, a look at recent shakeups at Design Within Reach, and a shocking article on piles of unsold, unworn clothes from H&M and a Wal-Mart supplier that were destroyed with scissors and hole punches rather than donated. (Also read the update with H&M’s promise to stop this practice.)

Everyone else is linking to it, so why don’t we? 100 cupcakes decorated like well-known games.

You think you live in a hamster cage? You might want to when you see this one made from an IKEA Expedit bookcase at Ikeahacker (via Velocity).

We’re not sure where we saw this first, but ever thought about going to Berlin? Berlin Spotted by Locals gives you the inside track (Swimming in a pool on the river — literally — anyone?)

A post worth reading at Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter on the ethics, or lack thereof, of right-click-save.

Love the pendant lights at Ballard Designs? Thrifty Decor Chick decided she could make her own.

Modern tastes and cool style: an 1800s Milwaukee home renovated for today, at Casa Sugar.

Good Bones Great Pieces wants you to re-make the bed.

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new pen purchases, old-fashioned resolutions

Give me much more to write than a grocery list, and my hand cramps up — one of the side effects of using the computer for virtually all correspondence, I guess. This new year, I have one resolution set in my mind: writing more letters and cards by hand. The aptly named “New Ambition” pen in yellow would be a good starting point, although the thought of going totally old school is not without its charm. — Sarah L.

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