five things we learned last week


1) Laundry chutes are the sources of fond memories. Gina says: “Both of my grandmothers have laundry chutes in their homes and it was always one of my favorite things about visiting. One of the chutes was just a small square cut out of the bathroom floor (I suspect this chute may have been homemade). A handle was attached to the cut out and you could drop your clothes right onto the washing machine in the basement, then cover the hole back up. Or you could drop notes down to your cousin while you were ‘spying’ on the grown-ups talking upstairs…” Read the rest of Gina’s reminiscences, and the pros and cons of laundry chutes, here.

2) Childhood beds are, too. Mansionmogul says: “I had a canopy bed when I was young – my mother lovingly re-finished a wood garage-sale find and sewed a pink ruffled curtain for it. It was definitely ridiculous and prissy but I *loved* it! My dream bed is GIANT with a mostly-firm mattress and a cream tufted headboard and white lace-trimmed linens. Yep, still prissy!” What’s your dream bed?

3) Big-girl bedrooms can also be dreamy. Urban housewife says of the big-girl bedroom on a tiny budget, “I love love love this room!” So do we!

4) You flip for figs. Designfragment- Petra says: “You are making me hungry, this is one of my favourite things in the world!” Lots of you love Erica’s figs with goat cheese and honey idea.

5) You like recycled luggage, too.
Krista says: “I purchased a set of red luggage with the Detroit skyline painted on them about a year ago. I’ve never been so in love with luggage before. They are an amazing seller.” See the Etsy find she likes here.

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blogwatch: where we were clicking this week


Casa Sugar is speaking our language with these October must-haves.

Want to recycle and create a cool Halloween costume? Check out the milk jug bat masks at Filth Wizardry. (Via Croqzine.)

You may like bacon, but could you look it in the eye? Notes from a slaughter class at the Ethicurean.

Kitchen renovation in your future? Charles & Hudson has kitchen layouts made easy. (Via Casa Sugar.)

Mrs. Blandings meets Mel Dwork and you should, too.

In the mood for eco-flicks? Check out the top ten at Hullabaloo.

Has overfishing our waters created an “aquacalypse”? Story in the New Republic.

Swissmiss has a link to an interesting post: working hard is overrated. Agreed! Happy Friday!

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etsy find: upcycled vintage luggage from getreadysetgo

There is nothing I hate more than traveling. Not the seeing new places, visiting old friends, and having adventures part, but the literal traveling part of getting on a plane and journeying somewhere. The germy airports, the delayed flights, the checked baggage fees — take your pick, I hate them all. The only way I can truly get excited about traveling is by accruing adorable accessories, which is why I’ve fallen hard for the Etsy shop GetReadySetGO. Her thrift store finds and vintage pieces are modernized with sharp ink silhouettes providing “upcycled luggage for the unique and the geek.” The train cases, $60 to $110, my favorites, actually make me want to ride the rails cross country just to show off the luggage. –Katie D.

Related: Are you a good traveler?

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in love with the benjamin moore iphone app

I was reading through the October issue of Sunset magazine the other day, and saw a little snippet about Benjamin Moore Paints‘ groovy new iPhone app, Color Capture. It accesses a photo in your iPhone, analyzes the colors, and matches them to shades in the Benjamin Moore catalog. Give your iPhone a shake, and Color Capture will then produce four coordinating shades to complement your chosen color. Then you can bookmark your favorite hues in your phone along with little notes for the future. The application then uses GPS to help find your nearest Benjamin Moore retailer! I have a feeling I’m going to be playing around with this one a LOT considering I’m already in love with Bejamin Moore’s Aura paint line, and I have quite a few color dilemmas of my own. I already messed around for half an hour and found five potential shades of gray for our dining room! If you’d like to download the app, it’s free — just go to the iPhone app store, seplace for “ben,” and select to install. –Megan B.

No iPhone? Try the Color-Helper.

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site we’re psyched about: rollip


More gushing from your resident Polaroid-obsessed writer — I’m definitely digging what the folks at Rollip have to offer. While I’ve stumbled across similar sites that turn your photos into “Polaroids,” Rollip has definitely upped the ante. The user-friendly site provides you with several different “effects” for your photos (plus samples of each to make your decision easier). Head on over and give it a try — but be warned, it’s highly addictive! –Erica P.

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