a mother’s day wish: time for a good read


This Sunday, I’d love to sleep-in to the sinful hour of nine o’clock, but that probably won’t happen. Instead, the horde will scramble up onto our bed and before they can be whisked away, scream “Happy Mother’s Day,” at which point sleep seems like a waste of good snuggle time. As long as I will be getting an early start, I’d love to enjoy my coffee with Jasper Conran’s new book, “Country”. It promises to be as much about celebrating English landscapes, traditions and homes as it is about celebrating the people who live there. — Sarah L.

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cook your heart out with good housekeeping


For 125 years, Good Housekeeping has helped women across generations live healthy, happy, no-fuss lives. At that age, the title knows a thing or two about heart health and cooking. The editors are sharing the know-how by sponsoring a healthy competition in conjunction with the American Heart Association: Cook Your Heart Out, billed as America’s first heart-healthy cooking competition. Readers are encouraged to test their culinary prowess by devising a heart-healthy dish in one of six culinary categories: Fast and Easy, Elegant Entertaining, Family-Friendly, Ethnic Favorites, Occasional Treats, and Starters. All recipes will be reviewed in the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchens, and three finalists from each category will be flown to New York City August 27-30 to prepare their recipes for a panel of judges. The chef with the healthiest and most delicious meal will be cooking to the tune of a $125,000 prize!

All entries must be submitted by May 15 and are required to meet guidelines set by the American Heart Association. Click for more information including rules and a submission form. — Sarah C.

At Shelterrific, we’re no strangers to cooking competitions and we know you’ve got talent, too. Are you going to Cook Your Heart Out? Share your entry with us on Shelterrific’s Facebook page!

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would you sleep with a guy whose kitchen looked like this?

(Even if it was Gerard Butler?)


We were so excited to see Gerard Butler’s Manhattan bachelor pad in Architectural Digest — that is, until we saw it. What a mess of browns! The wood, marble, and brick on the floor, the cabinets, the backsplash — how many shades of one color can a person squeeze into one room? Okay, I guess we can give a few points for recycling the floor into cabinets. And it’s probably not Gerard’s fault that they styled the photo with a carefully placed pair of Cons in front of the fridge and pretentious blue Fedora next to the exploding fruit bowl. To us, it looks like the man who lives there would wear waaaaay too much cologne. And he definitely doesn’t know how to cook. If a guy brought us home to this, we’d look for the exit, fast.

What about you. Would you sleep with a man whose kitchen looked like this?

See more photos at architecturaldigest.com

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movie posters for stephen king’s “constant reader”


Remember Katie D.’s post on minimalist television posters? Now there are minimalist 12″x18″ posters for Stephen King die-hards (or “constant readers,” as he dubs us) based on his movies, $30 each. “Carrie” is the first available, illustrated by artist Nick Tassone. Other favorites to follow include “Misery” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” Me? I’d love to see a minimalist Dolores Claiborne poster, but I’d be sure to hang it with six pins, not five, in honor of Vera Donovan. — Sarah L.

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organized in 20 inches? lonny mag shows how

Have you checked out Lonny yet, the online-only home and fashion magazine? The current issue has a feature related to my recently rekindled desire to get my house more organized. With a variety of fun ideas and closet inserts, they get you inspired to find storage in just 20 inches of space. Visit Lonny Magazine and flip through the virtual pages of the spring issue to find this feature. (You can print the pages from their website, too.) — Mary T.

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