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UPDATE: Please note that this contest is open to US residents only. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

True story: I was setting out an oil diffuser with the traditional reeds in a jar and musing over the new Febreze No Spill Wood Diffuser, wondering if “no spills” was a worthwhile benefit, when my hand slipped and I spilled the oil from my (non-Febreze) diffuser on both hands. That stuff smells great in a room, but concentrated on my hands, it reeked. For hours! Suddenly, I realized, Febreze had a point! As the company says, “The No Spill Wood Diffuser technology allows Febreze scented oils to be absorbed into the wood and then diffuse through the air for an authentic scent experience without the worry or hassle of spills.”

Perhaps you’d like to try one yourself? Well, you’re in luck! Our friends at Febreze have given us three No Spill Wood Diffusers to give away to Shelterrific readers! Not only do they smell great (in the air, not on your hands) they look attractive, too! We’re going to do this the old fashioned way: leave a comment on this post by Monday, June 14 at 5 p.m. EST telling us about the room scents you use — diffusers? Others? — and letting us know what you like and dislike about them (and if you’ve ever spilled one on yourself). When the deadline arrives, we’ll use a random number generator to pick three lucky winners. Thanks, Febreze, for making this possible! — Mary T.

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five things we learned last week


1) We think this “iPhone” thing is going to be a success. You are crazy for your iPhones! A typical response from Laurie, who says: “Another iPhone user here, responding from the waiting room of my husband’s doctor’s office. My husband was the one who insisted we both get iPhones and I was on the fence. Now, I cannot live without it. Running my business from home and on the road, it is pretty much essential. I mean, before smart phones people did the same things just fine — I know. But the fact that I can relist Etsy items while I am online at the post office shipping orders out… has to make me more productive, right? (I hope, ha). I do feel too accessible at some points…” What role does technology play in your life?

2) You can even help finding bottle brushes. Who knew that so many of you would have helpful tips on finding brushes that fit the Soda Stream bottles! One good tip from tgd: “Go to a pet store or aquarium store and look at the brushes sold for cleaning out aquarium tubing — they’ll fit in anything!” See more suggestions here.

3) Some have doubts about silicone. The Yellow Submarine tea infuser is a hit, but Szig says: “Very cute, but I’m really wary of silicone. A few years ago I bought silicone baking pans and after a few uses they became impossibly sticky.” We did a little reseplace and found varied responses — some don’t like the idea of baking with silicone, some say it’s just fine as long as it’s not heated beyond 450F degrees (and if you’re drinking tea that hot, you’ve got more worries than we can address). But according to the Canadian government, “There are no known health hazards associated with use of silicone cookware. Silicone rubber does not react with food or beverages, or produce any hazardous fumes.” Any scientists who care to weigh in?

4) You can’t get enough of green cleaners. Greta says: “My favorite ‘green’ cleaner is vinegar. I use it for practically everything. I use it on all my glass and windows and it does wonders on my wood floors. I love that I can let my 2, 4 and 6-year-olds clean along with me and I don’t have to worry about a thing. I posted my recipe for all purpose vinegar cleaner here.” Thanks, Greta! See our test of cleaning with citrus and salt and read even more great info from Greta in comments.

5) You have tips on the cell phone charging shelf. Saritha says: “I have one of these and it’s the most useful thing I own. One small issue is that when not connected, the loose end of the wire tends to unravel. So, I use a one of those binder clips to keep it in place.” Thanks for the tip! Also, thanks to Lorri, who reminds us that it’s important to unplug chargers when not in use to save energy. See the cell phone shelf right here.

In the photo: Block Lamp by Harri Koskinen

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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


If you’re still looking for that *perfect* iphone cover, look no further than Design*Sponge’s roundup of iphone covers under $100.

Swissmiss introduced us to the cutest disposable paper cups we’ve ever seen: abc paper cups. Love the idea of the cup banner! And it looks like our favorite NSFW friends at Badder Homes and Gardens liked them, too, we think?

Oh. My. Gawd. Root beer float cupcakes? They had us with root beer, the rest is just ice cream icing on the cake. Via Smitten Kitchen.

Over at MocoLoco, we spotted this fantastic lamp made from recycled egg cartons: the “Trash Me lamp” by Victor Vetterlein.

Ever wonder what you should do with that bracelet your ex gave you now that you are paramours no more? Unclutterer has got some great advice on handling sentimental clutter after a breakup. And yes, many commenters had fire-based ritualistic purging stories.

Get out of the house and in to the sun this weekend! Even if you don’t have a yard of your own, you can still frolic in nature’s bounty. Shelterpop’s list of America’s prettiest gardens is a great starting point for finding your own oasis.

Good has a highly informative set of charts all about oil consumption. 71% of oil consumption in this country is used for transportation. Yikes!

With that being said, perhaps we’ll skip the car this weekend and stay at home and lounge on a hammock with a nice book. No hammock yet? CasaSugar’s got a great hammock roundup so that you can be swinging in the breeze in no time!

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site we’re psyched about:



For me, nothing incites a swoonfest faster than a great organizational tool, and this month, that tool is Another visual bookmarking site, Pinterest allows users to save images they love from all over the web and organize them into albums, or ‘pinboards’, that can be shared with friends. Members can ‘follow’ the pinnings of other users and even ‘repin’ images they love to their own boards. The site is still in private beta, so it’s not open to the public yet, but in the meantime, sign up for the invite waitlist, follow creator Ben Silbermann on twitter for updates or explore a few pinboards here.

Bonus: Glean inspiration while you wait by browsing through Pin-It-Forward, the home-themed blogger mashup hosted by sfgirlbybay and Pinterest. Each day for a month the site will feature a pinboard by each of ten bloggers in response to the question ‘What does home mean to you?’ Each blogger will also answer the question on their respective blogs. View the lineup and stop by sfgirlbybay blogger Victoria’s inaugural post here. Prepare to be inspired! — Sarah C.

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five things we learned last week


1) You wake up to bagpipers on holidays. Ellie says: “1. wake up to bag-pipers warming up on my front lawn as they prepare to march in the only parade that goes past my own house. 2. go home to parents’ even smaller town to watch their parade; entire town then follows behind end of parade and gathers at flag pole in front of school for veteran’s ceremony, which is just a way of making everyone listen to the marching band and our grandfathers until the chicken barbecue is ready… when the little pre-girl scouts float paper boats down the stream everyone knows it is chicken time.” We’re not even certain we follow that, Ellie, but we like it. How was your Memorial Day?

2) There’s a program that helps you organize your desktop. Amber says: “I use Fences; LOVE IT. Keeps everything organized, and I can change the categories, or add more, with ease.” Read more about organizing your desktop with images.

3) Yard sales make good neighbors. Sarah L. posted about her first yard sale, and Ellie chimed in with a great story here, too: “I had one last weekend and it was awesome! I met so many fantastic neighbors, and had just a great time in general. I also took the lazy way out though and only priced things en masse (this table is $1, this table is 2/$1, this pile is $5 each). I strong-armed an experienced friend into helping me and she repeatedly yelled at me for tossing more and more stuff into the free box. Then when I went to get drinks she sold a few things for twice my asking price.”

4) Everything’s better with bacon…and heat. Jenny says: “Add a little cayenne – maybe 1/4 to 1/2 t – to give it a little more pep. First sweet, then meat, then heat.” We love that line! Make your own bacon candy.

5) Vintage wedding registry items? You’re on it.
Ellobie says: “That is exactly what we did! My fiance has the standard pieces of gorgeous Limoges china but the fun-side pieces are kind of hit-or-miss and we have a lot of onesie-twosies. We registered for a bunch of odds and ends on! We’ve also used the “Add to MyRegistry” button through to include several items from Etsy sellers. Some of our older relatives are not huge fans of the online method of buying gifts, but they are so eager to get us vintage and one-of-a-kind items that they’ve gotten over their fears of the interwebs.” Something old, something old for wedding registries.

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