blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


Potato print some groovy geometric outdoor pillows for your patio with this tutorial at 8foot6.

Super-stylish bookends to support your massive stack of summer reads at Whorange.

Kickflips and ollies encouraged: a house designed for indoor skateboarding, at CasaSugar.

Cool down with this 20 minute dinner: Cantaloupe soup and prosciutto sandwiches . A brilliant twist on the classic, at Leite’s Culinaria.

Avoid these top cleaning faux pas at Shelterpop (no, not by avoiding cleaning altogether).

Hummers into micro-homes? Yeah, it’s true, but would anyone really want to live in something that unattractive? At GOOD.

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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


Remember that edible spray paint we wrote about a few months ago? Well, look what A Subtle Revelry did with it: temporary painted spoons!

CasaSugar shares some great tips for growing tropical plants in cold climates.

Henry Glass Swingline furniture: MCM children’s furniture with the coolest design features ever! At Whorange.

Over at Make magazine, take a look at a hotel housed in drain pipes.

Glimpt furniture, Swedish, tool-free assembly furniture. Thanks to Grassrootsmodern for the introduction, and for creating the word Scandilicious.

Binding your own books at The Pioneer Woman. She makes it look so easy.

The secret to making sorbet without a recipe? Find out at the kitchen. It’s a weird but handy trick.

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everything is cooler in japan


I don’t know about you guys, but this summer is kicking my butt. It’s hot in Chicago and, as the season marches on, the mercury continues to rise. Sure, I could spend all day in the air conditioned bliss of the movie theaters, but, eventually, I’ll have to venture out to the hot, steamy streets. I only wish I had some of this futuristic cooling foam from Japan. Hokkyoku Monogatari translates to “Tales of the North Pole” (hence the cartoon polar bear on the can) and is a foam that turns pliable and mold-able when sprayed. It acts as an ice pack and provides a five minute cool down- perfect for quick jaunts in between precious air conditioning. –- Katie D.

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site we’re psyched about:

yipit personalization

Attention, all ye deal hunters and coupon-clippers: If you’re anything like me, you have a whole folder and filter in your e-mail dedicated to all the sale websites you subscribe to. Groupon, LivingSocial, Gilt Groupe, BlackBoardEats…you name it, and I’m probably receiving the New York blast, which means I’m getting a barrage of discount e-mails to peruse daily. Yipit puts an end to all the clicking by aggregating and recommending deals from all your favorite deal providers in one convenient location. Drawing from 591 sites and serving 32 cities, the service allows you to specify the types of deals you’d like to hear about and then filter the results by location, category, price, source, discount percentage and so on. Sale shoppers, consider this your bargain-hunting headquarters. – Sarah C.

Editor’s note: A few months ago we reported on heartsy, a Groupon-like site serving the etsy shopping community. Commenter Heidi noted that she doesn’t appreciate such sites, saying: “I personally have unsubscribed from all coupon sites that I originally signed up for. I don’t need a constant daily deluge of “super deals” and things to buy that I don’t really need. The buy now, buy cheap, act fast mentality is in exact opposition of my desire to support local business and artists, makers and creators.” We appreciate all opinions and she raises a very interesting point, so I’d like to throw it back out to you, readers. Do you shop deals sites, or steer clear on precedent?

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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


Pictures hidden in concrete : like invisible ink for home design! Via Fresh Home Blog.

Haven’t the time to leisurely browse the 6th issue of Rue Magazine? Well CasaSugar did, and picked 5 ideas to steal.

Check out what this Etsy seller can make with ordinary household castoffs like mixer blades, at theinteriorRevolution.

Tour the home of a Richmond-area lighting designer with Young House Love. Inspiration is everywhere — lots of industrial salvage mixed with traditional antiques in a lovely way.

Beat the brutal summer heat by making this DIY waterfall spinkler at Curbly. It only takes 10 minutes…

DIYLife interviews landscape designer Margie Ruddick, who was recently in hot water with the city of Philadelphia for her wild, naturally grown yard.

Simple Coconut Ice Cream? Yes, please. At fleur du poirier via Tastespotting.

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