blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week

citrus coasters

Keep those drinks straight at barbeques this weekend with these handy and free printable name tags, via Fresh Home.

Speaking of drinks, all our brandy/whiskey/bourbon fans take note: Serious Eats reminds us that July 4 is the perfect time to celebrate with American spirits.

Wedding season is in full swing and we’re celebrating by day dreaming with a little help from CasaSugar and this slideshow of inspiring barnyard wedding looks. For more inspiration, revisit Angela’s wedding right here!

Keep table safe and festive with Curbly’s summer twist on cute, DIY coasters.

Stocking up on mystery freezer meat? We see taquitos in your future…via The Kitchn.

Remodelista helps us purge fridge plastic with Bowl Over cloth container covers. Genius? We think so.

A very happy Independence Day to all of our readers stateside! We’ll be observing the holiday right along with you and will see you back here on Tuesday. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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A few months ago, Sarah C. introduced us to Shelfari and a few readers chimed in with their pick for favorite social networking, bookworm-friendly site: Good Reads. Thank you guys, I’m hooked! I was looking for a way to keep track of my reading list online (I’m constantly writing down suggestions for great books and then losing the notes immediately thereafter) and Good Reads is a Godsend. Not only does the site allow you to keep track of you reading list online, it also allows you to rate and review books you’ve read, recommend titles to your friends, get recommendations, and browse other user generated reading lists (some are broken into basic genres, but some get more creative such as “Thickest Books” and “Books My Father Gave Me”). Check it out, bookmark it, friend me, and don’t judge all the YA books on my virtual bookshelf. –- Katie D.

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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


A decidedly Hawaiian twist on a cookout classic: Papaya ginger beer baked beans, at Coconut and Lime. Complete with Spam!

Right on the heels of our lowdown on hammocks, NPR explains the science behind why hammocks actually create easier and deeper sleep.

Badder Homes and Gardens inappropriately introduces The Hug chair, ingeniously designed for two seaters — or one person, and a laptop.

JennSki reminds us of one of our favorite super-simple quick-fixes: using tinfoil to remove rust from chrome.

Six unusual party decorating ideas, from using armchairs at the dinner table to tiered dessert stands for floral arrangements — at CasaSugar.

The new future of urban farming? Rooftop hydroponic towers — at the Huffington Post.

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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


CasaSugar interviews Holland-based Fedor van der Valk about his amazing string gardens.

The Smithy: an upstate NY blacksmith’s residence turned into a antique/industrial thing of beauty. And it’s for sale… At The Brick House.

Another house listing of interest: a 1964 dome house made of styrofoam. The interiors are FABULOUS. Why aren’t more houses made of styrofoam? At RetroRenovation.

DIY Banh Mi anyone? These Vietnamese daikon radish and carrot pickles are an essential component. Make your own, at Simply Recipes.

Use plastic pink flamingoes to discourage wild turkeys from ransacking your yard — at Little Hokum Rag.

DIY Father’s Day gifts! Clock’s ticking…. At Curbly.

That’s yard sale — WITH A ‘Z’ : a sneak peek into Liza Minelli’s Hampton’s yard sale, at DIY LIfe.

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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


MMM… DONUTS. Fresh cherry cake donuts, to be precise — naturally pink frosted — at Cook and Eat.

We got caught up (forgive the pun) in love with this nauti-cool DIY fishnet curtain we spotted at Remodelista. Stealing it for sure!

You’ve still got time to order a cool gift for Dad — and CasaSugar has a great Etsy gift roundup to help inspire your purchase!

Peel and Stick tiles worth using — spotted at Curbly.

The kaleidoscopically bright floors in Whorange’s monthly pad for June are amazing. Just sayin’.

Badder Homes and Gardens introduces Tick clips, meant to turn any surface into a mod table in the only way they know how: with side-splitting NSFW hilarity.

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