site we’re psyched about: heartsy


It’s almost too good to be true: a Groupon-style discount site for Etsy, where sellers offer deep discounts on handmade items that people buy and later redeem. But, thankfully, it’s real. Heartsy is a site that does just that: offering a limited amount of discounts people buy for handmade Etsy items like soaps, artwork and textiles. New deals are offered daily, so it’s best to sign up for emails so you don’t miss out on something awesome — and you can even help decide what’s discounted next, so get on over and start browsing! — Megan B.

blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


If you haven’t done so already, then skip the trip to Hallmark and make mom a beautiful pop up card, with this easy tutorial at Martha’s Crafts Dept.

Unclutterer gives us some great advice on how to limit “media over-consumption”.

While you’re busy not watching Netflix streaming, how about tackling the bathroom? Curbly’s making it easier with this helpful cleaning cheat sheet.

Liven up that boring ol’ chain link fence, CasaSugar style!

May is the best month for outdoor painting, reportedly, so jazz up your exterior and paint your front door, at DIY Life.

With a name like Umami butter, it HAS to be good. Make your own, with this recipe at Delicious Days.

Juxtapoz magazine is featuring a roundup of fences made of unconventional materials, some with better results than others…

friday fun: the ‘home alone’ house is on the market

Home Alone Home Coldwell Banker

It’s been making the rounds on the internet this week, but if you haven’t seen it, here’s a fun injection for your Friday: the expansive home where little Kevin McCallister was left alone while his family spent Christmas in France is on the market! Located in the historic town of Winnetka, Illinois, the expansive house can be yours for a cool $2.4 million, which certainly buys you enough space to make forgetting a kid or two a semi-believable parental faux pas, no? (The logistics of actually leaving a child behind by accident were always lost on me. Maybe this sheds some light?) For more information including floor plans and photos, click over to the Home Alone Home Facebook page or stop by its official website, –- Sarah C.

photo: Coldwell Banker

this company will build you a secret lair


If you’ve been reading us awhile, you may remember the hidden bookshelf door how-to from a few years back. Well, if you’re really into the idea but are too busy in your laboratory (pronounced “la-BOR-uh-tory,” of course) to take on a construction project, check out Creative Home Engineering, the subject of a recent article in Wired. They’ll build you hidden entrances and secret rooms to your heart’s content, including features such as “a door that opens when certain piano keys are pressed or when pieces on a chessboard are arranged just so.” I am both frightened and intrigued! — Mary T.