blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week

This is just incredible: Library of Congress photos of kitchens, at poppytalk.

See? We were right: WikiHow wants you to reuse old shower curtains.

“Zoe Murphy only just got her degree in printed textiles this year and already she’s making a splash in the British design world,” begins this post at More Ways to Waste Time. We are a wee bit jealous of Zoe Murphy! (And we love her style.)

More bug problems — or should we say solutions? Apartment Therapy tells you how to get rid of ants nontoxically.

Fifteen chickens, five ducks, one goose, and a great-looking coop and garden at Gardening Gone Wild.

See a source for beautiful, affordable art at Habitually Chic.

Here’s a fun roundup: best MoCo objects of the week at Moco Loco.

You like the Frank Lloyd Wright houses, now guess who made this chair in one of them, at Casa Sugar.

A thought-provoking guest post at No Impact Man: Would we shop the planet’s resources away if there was more fun to be had?

Happy shelves at sfgirlbybay — we do like to end the week on a happy note!

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vw camper dreams: now even dreamier

My husband has long dreamed of owning a vintage VW Westfalia camper van, and the enthusiasm is catching. We may have to upgrade those dreams now that we’ve seen the Verdier, a camper concept based on the classic Westfalia design (though not an actual VW endeavor) but with a hybrid engine and completely self-sufficient, sun-powered electrical system. Not to mention incredible style! (They have it staged with Wassily chairs as outdoor seating? Cool, but kind of hard to pack.) The Verdier’s solar panels would provide electricity to the on-board accessories; an on-board computer and GPS would track the sun’s movements for optimal power. The harsh downside to this dream? Price, of course — I’m reading that it could be upwards of $129,000. Oh well — at least exploring the Verdier site is fun. (There’s music, so turn the sound down if you’re at work.) –Mary T.

Want more? We do have the camper bug around here:
Eco-friendly campers from Tonke
Build your own teardrop camper
Mobile home gets chic

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five things we learned last week


1. You know your food containers. When Erica wrote about unnamed glass storage, readers promptly helped us track them down. As T says: “That’s the Luminarc working glass. I’ve had those glasses in both the 10 oz. size you show and the 21 oz. size since college – it’s the only glass that stands up to my boyfriend’s fumble fingers. I’ve been able to find replacement glasses online, at Target, and in thrift stores.” Click here to see these handy glass containers.

2. Though Snickers and Reeses make us happy, we dream about gourmet chocolate for Halloween. As Ellobie shared: “I just had a fun-size Vosges Naga bar at lunch today! Can you imagine hitting the jackpot and finding a home giving away fun-size Vosges for Halloween???” Click here to share your candy weaknesses.

3. When visiting Wright’s famous buildings in Oak Park, Il, the locals have some tips. Jenny told us: “I went to HS in Oak Park. This is a good time to go to the studio as the gingko doesn’t smell like crap! OP is pretty in winter though Petersen’s ice cream is not quite as appealing. The public library is also a really cool building and it’s right across the street from Unity Temple. Unity costs money to tour, but is free if you attend a service!” Click here to read about this area’s architectural offerings.

4. Angela M. is not the only one giving a geography lesson while decorating. As Julie says: “About 7 years ago, I got a vintagepull-down school map of the US on ebay for a mere $8. We have it in the family room. I love it: Everyone always comments on it. We’re always referring to it when different cities are mentioned. :) Would love to get another someday of different countries.” Click here to see how to decorate with vintage maps.

5. When it comes to places to sits, truncated heads — even classical ones — are not so appealing.
As Pencils says: “I don’t want to sit on Hercules’ face! Imagine if that were a woman in the photo.” Click here to see the bizarre stool she’s talking about!

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blogwatch: where we've been clicking this week

Katiedid takes a tour of a delightfully morbid antique store.

More help for the small home revolution (Let’s call it a revolution and not a necessity!): 20 Small Home Dos and Don’ts from BHG.

Now these are great tips: Easy, Cheap, Fast Vegetarian Meals for the Hopeless Cook at Ecoist.

Here’s a quick hit from Casa Sugar that’s a good reminder of how far a can of paint and some accessories can go: from sterile to welcoming.

Kids’ books and food: two of our favorite things. Swissmiss reads Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Appropriately scary for Halloween: the Ugly Couch Contest, via Apartment Therapy.

Do you need to protect your roses for the winter? Get the answer at Gardening

Beachbungalow8 shares some genius — sorry, we meant “genie” — designs.

Learn about low-odor wood refinishing products at Charles and Hudson. Nice.

Timber Table at Better Living Through Design — plexiglass + faux bois = love!

See the coolest radiator ever at Contemporist.

And finally, check out one of the most ambitious home Halloween displays we’ve ever seen: West Seattle’s Skeleton Theatre.

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