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In honor of Earth Day (wow– that one snuck up on us), CasaSugar has an inspirational house tour and interview with Eco-designer Lori Dennis. We love how her home is uncluttered, bright and modern; filled with upcycled and attainable (read: affordable) pieces.

Another fantastic California house tour: this one from ElleDecor — the mid-century home of Trina Turk and Jonathan Skow. Via Simpatico.

Last minute Easter craft: Silhouette Easter eggs, at Craft. Awesome!

Curbly’s got the DIY dirt (as usual) on how to install your own plywood floors. They make it sound so easy.

Apartment Therapy’s new Gardenist column has a great post about planting perennials in containers for year-round enjoyment. And we are totally stealing the painted rubber tire planters.

Ham! Ham! Ham! We love Ham. Here’s a fun way to change it up for the holiday: Pineapple spiced ham, at Coconut and Lime.

If you’ve got the food covered, but are at a loss as to what to serve with your 2pm dinner, Check out this great list of surprising wine pairings for Easter at the Daily Meal.

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five things we learned last week

fivethings light april

1) We love a good diy carpet coaster. Rebecca F. got her creative fix from Flor with her simple, inspired coasters. And they last! Hypothetical Woman says: “Oooh, good idea! And easy to replace when they get yucky, too! But don’t they fray at all?” Nope! Get the look here.

2) Everyone is looking for a pop of color and an accurate read on the weather. Our solution? A bright thermometer. Greta says: “I adore these so much. The colors, the style and the price make them irresistible. I want one for the front of my house, the back and in my kitchen. Do you think that’s too much?”

3) The Allstate app is a digital way to catalog keepsakes. Sarah L. shared her most recent download to rave reviews. Ellie says: “Great find, just downloaded. And I love your pencil holder.”

4) You like the look of a bar and you’re happy to make one happen creatively. Bar carts are having a moment. Jesselyn says: “When I moved into my current apartment 2 years ago, I made myself one of these (though it’s less mobile) by simply buying one of those old LP media cases with the glass front doors. A few under-shelf wine glass holders laters, voila! – and really, it would function great as a bar even without those.”

5) A good pillow is hard to find, but we have resources. Sarah L. swears by Target. Kimberj says: “I found my best pillows ever, both latex and down, at Penny’s Outlet store. The regular store doesn’t have the same stock so I’ve only ever found them at the outlet, which is closing in a couple months. I’ll have to try Target, I love a great deal on a great product!” Where do you get your bed pillows?

photo by Kletia Garies

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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


NOTCOT has us yearning for a set of these beautiful (and dishwasher safe!!)wooden plates by Moneral.

A modern grand piano deluxe: the WHALETONE piano by Robert Majkut, at Yatzer.

Renters, say goodbye to your bare white walls! CasaSugar has four great decorating ideas that will still get you back your security deposit, like using electrical tape as wall stripes.

Brush up on your coupon-clipping skills with this post at Curbly: how to become an extreme couponer.

Treehugger presents an interesting idea :learning energy efficiency from Medieval houses. Are smaller windows (and less of them) really in our future?

Gardening gadgets for thumbs green and black, at Design*Sponge.

We’ve got dessert covered, but this Vegan matzo “lasagna” we spotted at Don’t Fear the Vegan would be a great addition to Passover seder.

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five things we learned last week


1) The keys to snagging that next McCoy vase? Get to the flea market early and learn to spot a fake. Js says: “Be warned, there are A LOT of fakes out there. Read up on how to spot a fake, because the real McCoy doesn’t always say “McCoy”, and some that do aren’t.”

2) It’s time to invent a square lip balm. The round tubes keep falling off our night tables. Susan says: “I just had to tell you all I laughed out loud about the lip balm rolling off the nightstand. Happens all the time to me…does anyone make a square tube?” What’s on your bedside table?

3) Beautiful tile adds a personalized touch to any renovation, and Motawi Tile has our number. Hypothetical Woman says: “Beautiful tile – I looked all through the Motawi store and unfortunately couldn’t find that one. Pity, it would look lovely in my new bathroom makeover! This is the first time I have an opportunity to do over a bathroom of my own and I’d love to get at least one handmade tile to properly print my personality onto it.”

4) Adding some minor embellishments to your morning coffee can make the day even better. Once again, chocolate is a universal cure. Linda says: “I (sometimes) add a teaspoon of cocoa to the cup before pouring my morning coffee. Mmmmm.” How do you improve your morning coffee?

5) The Rub Away Bar banishes smells, but any stainless steel object will do. Tracylee says: “According to my grandmother, all you really need to do is rub your hands on the sink faucet – works like a charm! (that may have been a Heloise hint, now that I think about it, I’m not sure where she picked it up years and years ago).”

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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


It’s like Saarinen meets Alien: the E-lastic table by Timothy Schrieber, at Contemporist.

If our modern fire pit round up from a few years back wasn’t inspiration enough, CasaSugar’s got a smokin’ hot roundup of modern fire pits.

Coolest Easter eggs ever! Find out how to DIY your own Mondrian inspired Easter eggs at Curbly.

One of our favorite bloggers has hit the big time — er, kinda. Pam from RetroRenovation had her highly-informative video about her bathroom remodel featured at Urlesque, and apparently, they think it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever seen!

Over at Collectors Weekly, read a fascinating article about Kem Weber, the mid-century innovator of flatpack modern furniture. Via BoingBoing.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right… National Grilled Cheese Month! If you need a little help in the creativity department, let the helpful tutorials and recipes at The Grilled Cheese Academy guide you through the next few weeks like Yoda training Luke in the ways of the Jedi.

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