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NPR Pictureshow featured the work of Dutch artists We Make Carpets, temporary “rugs” made from unconventional materials such as pasta, mustard seeds, and pine cones. Ephemeral, fun, and beautiful — LOVE.

We’ve eaten some strangely delicious things in our day, but we can’t say we’d be totally willing to throw down $12/plate for broccoli gratin topped with cheetos. At the Kitchn.

Speaking of strangely delicious, why not treat your sweet to one of these oozing, anatomically correct heart cakes we spotted over at Boing Boing.

Renovating done right at Decor8. Particularly loving the tiny city kitchen with the serious stove/ hood and the mini smeg fridge.

Over at Treehugger we spied this super-groovy & green NYC apartment with salvaged subway doors, deli counter floors, and a ground floor jacuzzi for sale. Um, where do we sign up?

Casa Sugar has a great DIY to rehab a boring medicine cabinet into a fab modern number.

Man caves ’round the world are aching with desire: the fridgecouch. A franken-design hybrid of car seat, couch and fridge that really works. At Thrillst via Nick The Ring.

photo courtesy of We Make Carpets

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tv show we are diggin: ifc’s portlandia. are you?


Portland and its many charms is a frequent topic here at Shelterrrific, from advice on the most crafty neighborhoods to the latest trends (like portable stores in trucks). So imagine our delight when IFC unveiled its new comedy series last week, Portlandia. Created by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, it pokes fun the northern city’s penchant for all things organic, homemade and PC. For a sample, check out this hysterical promo site, Put a Bird On It, which allows you to place a lovely bird shadow on any URL of your liking. Yes, silhouetted bird figures are definitely a decorating trend we are tired of! — Angela M. (on Twitter: @angelamatusik)

Watch Portlandia on IFC’s Friday at 10:30. (Or DVR it like us so you can watch over and over!)

Are you from Portland? Let us know what you think of the show!

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another online mag to love: matchbook


Just in time to chase away the winter blahs, another online magazine. Matchbook just launched as “the field guide to the charmed life.” I haven’t digested it enough to know if it lives up to the initial promise, but so far so good. There’s a feature on the 10 secrets to a charmed life from Miles Redd, a spread devoted just to books (that alone will bring me back for the next issue!) and a recipe from Sophie Dahl’s cookbook for monkfish that sounds positively yum. Have you read Matchbook yet? Let us know what you think. I’m firmly in the more the merrier camp. — Sarah L.

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site we’re psyched about: teux deux

teux deux

My biggest goal for 2011 (other than winning the lottery and retiring): to be more productive and organized. It’s a lofty one, I know, but thankfully I’ve got help — in the form of web-based productivity assistant Teux Deux. Instead of my perpetual scrap paper list-making cluttering my desk, pockets and recycle bin; I’ve got a minimally-designed running list on my browser, which is where I’m spending the bulk of my computer time anyway. Even better, I’ve got it synced up with the iphone app, so I can cross off those nagging to-do’s as soon as they are complete! Best of all, the site is free (though the mobile app has a nominal fee) — and did I mention it’s the brainchild of one of our favorite bloggers, Tina Roth Eisenberg, also known as swissmiss? — Megan B.

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five things we learned last week


1) Your morning stovetop espresso is an important (and no fuss!) ritual. Rebecca F. gave a helpful how-to on the subject and we have fans and converts. ModFruGal says: “We use this exact Bialetti maker every day…great coffee and no countertop clutter. You can even take it camping.”

2) Rooster sauce fans and friends are thrilled about the Sriracha Cookbook. Mary-Grace says: “Ha, that’s an awesome idea for a cookbook! My husband looooooooves that stuff!”

3) A do-it-yourself slipcover fort makes cleanup a snap. Jean of the Artful Parent shared hers and we love the idea. DJ says: “Oh, what a sweet and clever thing for that person to have sewn. A perfect easy on-easy off slipcover. What fun her kid(s) must have. We used to get yelled at by my mom for raiding the beds for linens and pillows and making a mess in the living room making our forts.”

4) Dry carpet cleaning powder is a product that trumps our assumptions and actually works! Thank goodness for companies that care for their customers, before, during and even after making the sale! The folks at Angela Adams shared this tidbit about Oreck’s version and we’re excited to try it. Crash Pad Girl says: “I love this tip, and love that it came from Angela Adams.”

5) We love a cake cutter that cuts the thing into clean slices. Magisso’s cake cutter makes us all experts. Daffodil says: “This is genius! I might ask for this for my birthday. I could finally stop saying “Well, at least it tastes good!” when I serve dessert!”

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