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We’re long believers in giving photo-based gifts as presents. If you are close to our family, chances are you have a mug, calendar, or a framed photo treasure from us in your home somewhere. This is what happens when one half of you is a pro photographer and the other is design obsessed. We’ve discovered a new site/app that combines both of those loves in one place. It’s called, and it makes turning your Instagram photos into adorable books, calendars or even T-shirts a breeze. To use, you have to connect with your Instagram account. If you are worried about privacy, you could always post the images you want prints of for just a couple of days — long enough for the order to processed — and then delete. It’d be a great way to promote a small business or document a special trip.


I made a mini book (2 for $12) that contained 50 from 2013, as a sort of pocket-sized yearbook.


In addition to printing images, also sells gorgeous ways to display your images, like their Santa Cruz rescued wood frames ($18) and concrete blocks ($29) that house both your images and your cactus! Checkout today you’ll thank us before Mother’s Day rolls around. Promise.

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shop we’re pysched about: tom’s marketplace

We’ve been walking the world in our TOMS shoes for several years, happily enjoying their comfort and cuteness, while knowing that in buying them, we were supporting a company dedicated to making the world a better place. TOMS one-for-one donation model was revolutionary — and now founder Blake Mycoskie is taking his philosophy beyond shoes. He has just launched TOMS Marketplace, a collection of over 200 products from 30 companies that include everything from jewelry to accessories to our favorite, home goods. Each item gives back to communities around the world. You can sort by cause, region or by limited-edition products. Some of our favorites include this Mugavu Wood Lime Bowl, $55, that is hand made in Uganda and this festive gold table runner, $35, whose profits support education in India. Be sure to bookmark the Marketplace today and use it as go-to source this holidays! The world will thank you!

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peek at new york’s gift fair: we’re excited to see donna wilson designs

As the last few weeks of summer wind down, thoughts turn towards prepping for the season ahead. In addition to gathering all the hefty fall fashion magazines in seplace of the perfect pair of boots, and trying to teach ourselves some new lunchbox tricks, we’re excited about the holiday shopping that awaits. Our prep always begins in late August when we hit the New York International Gift Fair, which kicks off later this week. Usually we troll the aisles discreetly, like spies from the blogger world, taking photos with our iPhones and gathering press materials that fuel us for months ahead. It’s also a chance for us to meet some of the people behind the brands we love, like Donna Wilson of Donna Wilson Designs. The London based creator made her start a decade ago knitting whimsical creatures from wool yarn, but has now branched out to include cozy home accents, delightful tabletops and even fashion accessories (for our fall bag hunt).

Click here for a peek at what we loved at last year’s gift fair.

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