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help! what color should we paint our front door?


For those of you who have been following the renovation of our upstate cottage, you know that we chose a paint color for our little place on the Hudson a long time ago. We went with a dark, greyish blue called Evening Dove by Benjamin Moore. Though we love it, it turned out to be a little more blue than we had anticipated, especially in the bright sunlight in the middle of day. Originally, we had it all figured out in our minds. The house would be dark-grey blue and we’d paint the door a cherry tomato. But now that we’ve fast forwarded six months into the future and have been living with our Evening Dove house, cherry tomato may be a bit much. Our house would end up looking like it was constantly stuck in the 4th-of-July mode. So that leaves us with a conundrum — what color should we paint the door!? Perhaps you can help us decide.

As you can see from the above the picture, we’re still considering a red, but we’re leaning towards a darker red. The one on the far right is called Morocco Red from Behr. But we asked some visiting friends their opinion, and they suggested we consider an orange. We tested two colors, also from Behr. The top light color is Tiki Torch. The darker orange is Bergamot orange.

This photo was taken a little later in the day, so you can see how the light effects the color.

Which color gets your vote? Or is there one we are not considering that we should Tell us in the comments below!

Moroccan Red?

Tiki Torch

Bergamot Orange

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portable hot tubs: genius or cheesy?


This summer during our annual pilgrimage up north to Mt. Desert Island in Maine, we were lucky enough to nab a rental property that came with a hot tub on the back deck. Every night, we’d take a soak outdoors, taking in the gorgeous views and letting our hike-weary muscles relax. Our six year old girl thought it was the coolest hot thing in the world (though instructing her not to try to swim in it was another matter). Back home, the thought of having a permanent hot tub is less appealing. We know we wouldn’t use all year round, and we imagine it just taking up space and getting yucky in our tiny backyard. Enter Vanish Spa! An inflatable, portable hot tub that might be just what we need. The project is trying to raise some starter funds on Kickstarter, so they’re offering a tub for $499 — what they say is $300 off the future retail price. These six person tubs inflate in ten minutes, and come with head rests, 88 jets and a heating system that will take the water to 104 degrees. Granted, the camouflage exterior may not suit everyone’s mod aesthetic, but the idea is you could put it out in the woods and “vanish” into the scenery.  They remind me of nests filled with water. Of course, we need to finish remodeling our upstate cottage before we can think about adding extras like a hot tub.  But it’s fun to dream a bit. Click to watch the Vanish Spa demo video.

What do you think? Portable hot tubs: Genius or cheesy?



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etsy find: this showercurtain makes every day a day at the beach!


I’ve yet to feel the sand between the toes (thanks to a little renovation project that is sucking up our free time) this summer. I am yearning to lie back and listen to the sounds of the shore — splashing waves, distant gulls, far off kids laughing. Hopefully me and my beach towel will have some quality time before summer closes, but if not, this shower curtain from Wanderlustography should help. It’s made by photographer Catherine McDonald, who brings her camera skills to shower curtains, pillows, and prints that are available on Etsy.


Not a beach person? Perhaps a mountain scene would inspire your mornings… a quick trip to the Hollywood Hills. Each shower curtain is printed on to woven polyester fabric and costs $60 at Etsy.

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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week


Check out this super-foxy tray by Darling Clementine featured over at Whorange. Move over, owls — foxes just might be the hot new cute animal!

Badder Homes and Gardens hips us to MyKEA furniture decals in true sardonic style.

Bring a touch of fall to your home with crisp apple decor cute enough to use all year, at ShelterPop.

Brutalism: it’s not a type of comedy, it’s a design style from the 60’s. And we like it! Thanks to the ever-informative Retro Renovation.

The devil’s in the details: Aleister Crowley’s rice pilaf recipe. Apparently, Satan likes curry. Via Dangerous Minds.

Over at the New York Times Diner’s Journal we get a peek at what readers across the US feed their kids. The offerings run the gamut from spaghetti tacos to kale and chocolate chip pancakes!

You can own Lenny Kravitz’s New Orleans Creole cottage, and it’s everything you’d expect and more — at Casa Sugar.

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blogwatch: where we've been clicking this week

Check out the Ice Orb at Happy Mundane. Perhaps it will work better than certain other ice cube trays we’ve known.

Step up your DIY skills at Casa Sugar, where you can learn how to fix a leaky faucet.

A beautiful floral sofa by Lulu at, appropriately enough, Absolutely Beautiful Things. A traditional floral is looking more and more fresh to us.

On a completely different note: I Suwannee is looking at the bookcase; we’re looking at the sofa.

We haven’t been keeping up with our hotel porn, so here’s some at Apartment Therapy.

Labor Day has come and gone, but you can still find the perfect beach cottage at Habitually Chic.

Here’s somewhere we’ve just begun checking in: Gardening Gone Wild, with tons of helpful and inspiring posts like this one on trellises and screens.

Another new addition to our reading list is Hewn and Hammered, a site dedicated to Craftsman revival. This is a fun little post on the great things you can find in the walls — or in this case, as the walls — when you renovate. (On a side note, ask Mary T. about the time her husband found a mummified squirrel in the wall. Or don’t!)

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