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blogwatch: where we’ve been clicking this week

Check out the Ice Orb at Happy Mundane. Perhaps it will work better than certain other ice cube trays we’ve known.

Step up your DIY skills at Casa Sugar, where you can learn how to fix a leaky faucet.

A beautiful floral sofa by Lulu at, appropriately enough, Absolutely Beautiful Things. A traditional floral is looking more and more fresh to us.

On a completely different note: I Suwannee is looking at the bookcase; we’re looking at the sofa.

We haven’t been keeping up with our hotel porn, so here’s some at Apartment Therapy.

Labor Day has come and gone, but you can still find the perfect beach cottage at Habitually Chic.

Here’s somewhere we’ve just begun checking in: Gardening Gone Wild, with tons of helpful and inspiring posts like this one on trellises and screens.

Another new addition to our reading list is Hewn and Hammered, a site dedicated to Craftsman revival. This is a fun little post on the great things you can find in the walls — or in this case, as the walls — when you renovate. (On a side note, ask Mary T. about the time her husband found a mummified squirrel in the wall. Or don’t!)

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the ins and outs of a sears kit house


We always hear about the wonders of Sears Kit Houses, affordable single family homes that were ordered from a catalog and delivered in thousands of pieces for assembly in the early 1900s. This month’s Cottage Living magazine has a great feature on the renovation of one in Pennsylvania. There are great before and after shots on the mag’s web site — be sure to check out the chalkboard wall and the lovely photo mural in the bedroom. If only we could place an order of one now! We’re sold!

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