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help! my terrarium is dying


Those of you with chronically black thumbs will sympathize with my plight. The rest of you are going to wonder what in the world is wrong with me. A few months ago – right before Christmas, in fact – I heard about a terrarium workshop happening at a beautiful local nursery. While I’ve never once managed to make it past the two month mark with a plant, I decided if ever there was a chance, it was with a plant that only had to be watered once every few months (hurray for succulents!). Plus, I am an utter sucker for those adorably tiny little terrariums – they’re so cheek-squeezably cute, and they look so calming. So, I went to the workshop, I built my lovely little terrarium, and I was so proud.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when I was checking in on my little project, and – predictably – it’s now showing signs of serious discontent. Several of its tiny green leaves have shriveled and turned black, and the rest of them just look sad. Normally, this is where I’d start frantically watering, and the plant would then die of root rot. But instead, readers, I ask you: any tips on saving this little plant from what is an almost certain death if I’m left to my own devices? –Becki S.

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help! what should I know about going on a cruise?


Stop the presses: I’m going on vacation. Yes, a real vacation. It has been years since I’ve had a chance to get away but in a few weeks I’ll be setting sail on my very first cruise and I’m excited but also uneducated. When it comes to cruising I know two things: first, that there is never any good press about cruises (thanks, travel writing 101) and second, that there are some people, including a few going on this trip, who are cruising connoisseurs, have gone on many and know everything there is to know about them. I also know that when it comes to giving travel advice, no group beats our readers! So I’m throwing it out to you: What should I pack or not pack? Is there anything I should know about the food, the rooms, and the ship? There are so many theme nights and schedule options that I don’t even know how to begin preparing, so spill your secrets! What should I know about going on a cruise? — Sarah C.

Image courtesy of The National Maritime Museum.

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help! what should I do with all of these lemons?


Of course the obvious choice would be lemonade, which, trust me, I’ve considered. But I’ve got 32 juicy lemons to work through. How did I end up with such a fine cache of citrus? A dear friend and recent Arizona transplant had to strip her tree to avert the impending frost, so a big priority box of fragrant desert sunshine arrived on my doorstep! I’ve been entertaining quite a few options: homemade Limoncello, for one, has been appealing to me; but I’m not patient enough to wait the month-plus it requires. I could whip up a monster batch of Lisa’s rosemary lemon simple syrup and make cocktails and sodas; but I’m really looking for something more substantial, maybe something savory. Readers, what should I make? The best suggestion just may end up featured here as a future real life test kitchen… — Megan B.

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help! where do i eat in new orleans?


Megan B. recently made us all jealous by heading to Hawaii for vacation and dipped into our readers’ expertise for some traveling suggestions. You guys were so fantastic that I thought I’d follow her lead. My husband and I are celebrating our first anniversary with a trip down to New Orleans at the end of January. It will be our first time in the Big Easy so we’re looking to hit up the best of the best. While I’ve been drooling over the thought of beignets at the Café du Monde, that’s as far as my Cajun cuisine tour planning has gotten. What else can’t I miss? Which bars are tourist traps and whose etouffee is life changing? Leave your suggestions after the jump and “laissez les bon temps rouler”! –Katie D.

photo courtesy of flickr user KatjusaC

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help! what should we do in oahu?


Sometimes life hands you a break. A pretty nice one. In the form of a free (penthouse!) condo on Waikiki Beach. Oh, and ridiculously cheap airfare. So, next week, the husband and I are packin’ our SPF 50 and leaving the cold & dark of Seattle behind for Oahu! The trouble is, we’re not too in to the touristy stuff, but we really want to have an authentic Hawaiian experience. We’ve scoped out a few cool things to do, like visiting the Farmers Market at Kapiolani Community College to stock our little condo kitchen, heading out to Kaneohe to see an old friend and up to the North Shore for garlic shrimp and big wave surf watching, but other than that, we don’t have much planned. This is why I’m asking you, knowledgeable readers, to help me plan my trip — what’s cool and funky and “authentically Hawaiian”? I’m talking delicious, can’t-miss eateries, great vintage shops, jungle hikes, etc… I’m counting on you guys for some great stuff — don’t let me down! –Megan B.

vintage postcard image courtesy of Jane’s Oceania

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